New Video Launched

This new video introduces the ‘WearAndTear Pads’, giving details of their anti-rope chafe design, and showing typical examples of gel-coat protection. You can see the video on YouTube here: . . . → Read More: New Video Launched

New Product Launched WearAndTear Step Mats

Following the successful introduction of ‘WearAndTearPads’, the company has now launched another original product. Designed to prevent the debris, which accumulates on the floor of the cockpit, from entering the cabin, ‘WearAndTear Step Mats’ are tailored to fit your companionway steps. Manufactured in 100% cotton pile with a neoprene backing and held in place with [...] . . . → Read More: New Product Launched WearAndTear Step Mats

Applications of WearAndTear Pads

Click on the image to zoom! . . . → Read More: Applications of WearAndTear Pads