WearAndTear Fingerplates

Following the success of our ‘WearAndTearPads’ for rope chafe protection on yachts, we have recently introduced Self- Adhesive door fingerplates using similar technology.

Available in stainless steel or brass, they have the advantage of being very quick and easy to fit. In addition, the surface is more hygienic having no screw holes to harbor bacteria.
The surface needs to be clean, flat and grease free before removing the protective backing sheet and applying the plate to the door. Firm pressure, particularly around the edges, will ensure a permanent hygienic result.

Following the recent research carried out by the Copper Research Association whereby it has been proven that Copper and its alloys (Eg. Brass) actively destroy bacteria, it is recommended to specify our brass fingerplates for use in hospitals and clinics. (see CRA report on anti-microbial benefits of copper in hospitals).

Please contact : Sales@WearAndTearPads.com for more information

Examples of ‘WearAndTear’ Door Finger Plates in use

Brass Wear and Tear Door Finger PlateBrass Wear and Tear Door Finger Plate