WearAndTear Pads

Product Information

New for 2019 A new,higher spec adhesive developed with “3M” and tested throughout 2018 season

WearAndTear Pads provide long lasting*gelcoat protection against chafe to gelcoat surfaces caused by sheets and furling lines and also to many other areas subjected to chafe on boats and yachts. Easy to fit and visually attractive in polished marine grade stainless steel, these self adhesive strips unobtrusively protect your cockpit and cabin sides from rope chafe damage. Gelcoat repairs should be carried out before applying these anti-chafe pads for boats and yachts. (* Guaranteed never to wear through.)

2019 News: These are some of the world’s yachting magazines which have reviewed “WearAndTearPads.”

Boot (Holland), Cruising Helmsman(Australia), Zeilen (Holland), Sail Magazine (USA), Dinghy Magazine (UK), Practical Boat Owner (UK), Yachts and Yachting (UK), Australian Sailing (Australia), Yachting (UK), GAM (Canada), Practical Sailor (USA), Cruising (UK), Yachting Monthly (UK), Sailing World (USA), Yacht (Germany), Argus du Bateau (France), Compass Magazine (Germany), Multihull International (USA), Sailing Today (UK), Boating Business (UK), Kazi (Japan), Cruising Forum (USA), Cruising World (UK), Voiles et Voiliers (France), Australian Multihull World power and sail (Australia).

No other anti-chafe pad has had such extensive reviews. Get the original and best and avoid plagiarised copies! Over 11.000 ‘pads’ now sold worldwide.

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The Original WearAndTearPads Anti Chafe Gel Coat Protection

Rope ChafeWear And Tear Pad in Use

What are ‘WearAndTear Pads’?

WearAndTear Pads comprise strips of ultra thin, flexible, marine grade stainless steel, fitted with a high specification self adhesive double sided backing, ready for immediate application. They can be fixed semi-permanently to any flat or curved gelcoat or varnished surface.

What sizes are available?

WearAndTear Pads are available ex stock in 2 standard lengths; 6″ (150mm) and 9″(225mm).  Both lengths are 2″ (50mm) wide.

What limitations do WearAndTearpads have?

‘WearAndTear pads’ will not stretch around complex curvatures.  They are therefore only suitable for straight sections of cabin tops and cockpit sides, etc. They are not suitable for applcation to teak wood or porous surfaces.

We make the original and best anti chafe pads for boats and yachts on the market. Accept no imitations.

Technical Specification

Material spec: Marine grade stainless steel, Thickness 0.002″ (0.05mm), Width 2″ (50mm)

Length Type A: 6″ (150mm) and Type B:  9″(225mm)





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