From USA Stockist:  We will certainly continue stocking ‘WearAndTear Pads’. We think it’s a great product and we’ve benefitted from excellent sales this season.

From James W (USA)… Thanks for your follow up. Now completed 2 full seasons and they still look new. No hesitation in recommending them!

From Dennis …. What a good idea these are – not just for avoiding wear and tear – but also to cover damage. I have had the edge of a cooker scrape the cabin door of my new Hanse 315 and I need 2 of your 9 x 2 strips.

From M Stevenson … In short fantastic, worked well all this season in hot climate and take quite a lot of hard wear and still stuck on fast.

From John W. (USA) … Got it!, Love it!, will recommend it to my boating friends.

From Simon C. (UK) … I am very happy with your new product.

From Barry (Ireland) … Good to chat re the Stainless Steel anti- chafe pads- These are THE best I have seen since one I got in the USA in the 1970s.

From Clive (UK) … I was surprised at how thin they were, but this makes them easy to fit. As per the instructions, a gentle pre-bend into the required shapes prior to fixing makes all the difference.

From Richard (USA) … I’m buying some of your pads. I’ve been envisioning this exact design for a couple of years now. Glad you now have them available.

From John (Australia) … Just received my pads. Easy to fit. Look good. May need 2 more.

From Tony (UK) … Thanks for your fantastic service!

From Keith (UK) … I noticed the article in PBO last year and since then have been looking for them in chandlers in UK, Australia and the US to no avail. Your recent letter in PBO solved my problem and I have now ordered a pair. Great idea, well done and good luck with it.